Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gabriel's 1st Birthday Celebration

Warning: This post is heavy with pictures. Sorry, I'm too lazy to make collages today. (",)

On the 26th of November 2010, Gabriel Johan turned 1 year old. His Papa wanted a small celebration with the family but I wanted a party and to make Gabriel's birthday a special one since it's his first. :) I won! Haha!

And so, less than a month before Gabriel's birthday I crammed and started making preparations -- the caterer was the same caterer we got for his Christening, the cake, and the party provider for the kids entertainment (i.e. invitations, tarps, balloons, small tables and chairs, game prizes, loot bags and the host/clown), additional prizes. Oh and I also added an ice cream and french fries carts. I've been looking for a ready-to-wear cowboy suit since I chose the theme Toy Story but I couldn't find any. I ended up having to go to the mall on the day itself to find some new clothes for Gabriel to wear on his party. That's what you call cramming up to the last minute! =p I wouldn't suggest it though. I arrived and had to take a very quick shower right before the party. Just in time before the first guests arrived! 

But all of it was worth it. Gabriel probably didn't know that the party was for him and wasn't able to join the games yet. But when he grows up, he'll see his pictures and I hope he'll be happy to see he had a nice 1st party on his first birthday. :) The next will probably on his 7th birthday. ;) 

On his birthday we went to hear mass at the Basilica Minore del Sto. Nino and then had dinner with my BFs (and Gabriel's godmothers) who came to Cebu mainly just to attend Gabriel's first birthday. Thank God for great friends! :)

We're in Castle Peak to pick up his godparents for dinner :)

Goofing at the counter..=p 
Looks familiar? We had dinner at AA's BBQ along AS Fortuna

My friends really loved the food especially the tropical fruit punch..haha!

Also thanks to my great friends, Faye and Rex/Imee, we didn't have to hire photographers for Gabriel's birthday! He had great pictures courtesy of Ninang Faye and Ninong Rex. ;) The party was celebrated on the 27th for more people to be able to attend cause it's a Saturday. 




Cheryl and Ghie making pa-cute to the tindero to get extra fries..haha! just kidding! =p

Ninang Ghie as Aling Sorbetera =p

 I'm glad the kids had fun :)

...and the kids at heart.. ;)

Chow time!!! :)

 "Pabitins".. ^_^

my happy birthday baby boy (",)

Picture taking.. c",)

(",) (",) (",)

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