Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Bucket List

"You only live once, so why not go out in style?"

Have you watched the movie "The Bucket List" featuring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman? If you haven't then it's time to look for a copy. This is a great movie aside from the undeniable fact that the actors I've mentioned are two of the best actors of all time in Hollywood..don't you think so? :)

This is not a movie review...nope, this is just my usual ramblings..and maybe you'll see more in the future. But anyways, I'll give you an overview if you haven't watched the movie yet. It is about 2 hospital cancer-ward roommates. Carter Chambers (Morgan Freeman) is a blue-collar mechanic who wanted to be a professor when he was younger while Edward Cole was the billionaire hospital magnate. When they learned that they only have 6 months to 1 year to live, they decided to create a list of things they will do "before they kick the bucket". They toured around-the-world for that ultimate adventure of their lives. It is all about finding "joy" in their lives before they die. I watched this for the second time yesterday. I bought the DVD on sale in Eastwood *NOT pirated*. :p

A Quote from the movie:
Carter Chambers: Forty-five years goes by pretty fast.
Edward Cole: Like smoke through a keyhole.

Fast-forward to earlier today...My teammate and I were talking in the office..he's studying again. After around 8 years of working. And we talked about how quickly time passes by since we graduated from college. Yes, before we couldn't wait to be "independent"...and now that we are, suddenly time flies so fast. The irony of life..hehehe! and deep ng discussion namin, no? We were laughing at the thought that we've become older and "wiser"...We were laughing but I like discussions like this..those "philosophical" type of discussions.. =p And well, I guess the word "wiser" is relative. I can safely say I'm wiser compared to when I was in high school or college. Heheh! I was such a baby before..and now I already have my own child who's turning 2 years old soon! Kung 45 years nga, feeling ni Carter ang bilis...pano pa kaya yung 2 years or 10 years? :-/

So, what's my bucket list? Panic mode! Wala akong bucket list! Shameful! Hmmmm..Well, I guess my list consist of having my dream house and lot, a rest-house in Tagaytay, travel to the U.S. of A, see Disney World, Rome, and see most of Asia and visit the must-see places in the Philippines..hayyyyy..wishful thinking.. =p Oh, and not to forget the most important thing is to become a great mom. To provide all the needs of my child -- basic needs, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, etcetera...Na sana paglaki ng anak ko or ng magiging anak ko pa, sasabihin nya, "I have the best Mom in the whole wide world"..haha! ang hirap naman gumawa ng bucket list! But as the saying goes, "if not now, when?" (Hillel) Kung hindi pa ngayon, kelan pa ako magsisimula? Waaaah! Sana kasing yaman ko si Bill Gates or kahit si Henry Sy na lang.. =p

Oh well, kidding aside..I still have a lot of grey areas in my life as of this time..but I'm hoping and praying that I'll be able to find my way and finish my bucket list in time. Please whisper a little prayer for me, ok? :) Thanks so much! :)

How about you? Care to share what's on your bucket list? ;)

I do pray that may we all find our joys in this life.. *hugs!*

Bucket list #1: Find the greatest joy in my life - check! (",)


Angeli G. said...

Hahhaha! Nakaka pressure naman tong post mo! My number one in my bucket list is to buy a Louboutin pumps and then after that, I can die na in my Loboutin pumps na HHAHAHA! Shallow noh? Hahaha! Wala lng. just want to keep the discussion light ;p

R. Joy de Leon said...

LOL!! Angeli! ikaw tlaga..hahaha! Samahan mo na ng dress/outfit from your fave designer and Hermes bag.. =))

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