Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wishful thinking: Salon for Kids in Cebu

One of the traditions we have in prep for the New Year is having a hair cut. Cutting your hair "daw" removes the bad vibes from the past year. And so we follow...=P

This was (so far) Gabriel's 3rd haircut in his 2 years of his existence. I guess there will come a time that I'll lose track of how many haircuts he's had but for now, please do allow me my simple happiness of still being able to record happenings in his life. :) Oh, for those of you who haven't read about Gabriel before, he's my 2-year old son and I've posted quite a few about him already, mostly from my November 2011 posts. ;)

Finally done! :) 

 Happy happy Gabriel! :)

Please click on Read more. ;)

Although Cebu almost has a lot of things Manila has to offer, I wish we also have here a salon for kids like Cutst4Tots. I was planning to have his first haircut there (since I heard from a friend that they give certificates for a kid's 1st haircut) but we ran out of time when we were in Manila. So to all Salon owners here in Cebu, this call is for you -- could you please set up a small place in your salon for kids (and for moms like me who want a good/memorable experience for their kids' haircuts...pretty please? 

The "before" picture..his papa cut his hair and ended with an "April Boy Regino" hairstyle..=p
This was before the Chinese New Year...his first haircut

 He was still behaving at first..see?

 But when the barber started cutting his hair, he also started bawling.. :-/

The "after" look...

Then the 2nd time was the "Little Shaolin" look...

And he behaved already although his Papa had to hold him on his lap the whole time. :)

Thanks to Salon de Rose for at least having this kid-friendly toy cars for their baby seats. :) Gabriel's first haircut was at Bruno's Barbers in Ayala Center Cebu but when I learned that Salon de Rose in BTC (Banilad Town Center) has these toy cars, his last 2 haircuts were there. My nephew also gets his haircut there. :)

Bye for now!!! 
Please come back real soon! (",)

<3 <3 <3

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Chyrel Gomez said...

Joy! Ka cute sa imong anak oi!! Kung magkita ta ba, pakugosa unya ko ha? :)

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