Friday, January 6, 2012

Philippines - #1 For Fun!

 The local hashtag to be used on social media (i.e. twitter) to promote the new slogan. :) Don't you just love the colors? and that woven map of our country? I do!!! <3


“The national line is a goal, a constant reminder to ourselves why we can tell travellers it’s more fun here than anywhere else,” says the Secretary, “It needs everyone’s support for it to stay true—we need to make sure people’s experiences in our country are positive, enjoyable, and most of all, fun.”
~ Tourism Secretary, Ramon Jimenez, Jr

Official Facebook page, It's More Fun in the Philippines

Let's support the Department of Tourism's new campaign -- It's definitely more fun in the Philippines!!! (",)

<3 <3 <3


Chyrel Gomez said...

LOVE this campaign but i HATE how some people think they know it all. Yes, there's a lot of poor and unemployed in the PI. We're third world country kaya. Why can't others be supportive. Kalagot!

R. Joy de Leon said...

Chy! Ikr! I hope other's will go of the negativity and just do something to help the country NOT pull it down. :(

R. Joy de Leon said...

I was meaning to say *will let go of the negativity*..hehe! =P Thanks, Chy! Unfortunately, like one of my friends said, there are a still a lot of crabs around..sana magbago na ang lahat for the better. :D

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