Saturday, January 14, 2012

Looking Forward: 2012

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I guess I'm a bit late in writing this post since it's already almost the middle of January. But hey, it's still the first month of the year so I'm still allowed to catch up on posting how I hope and plan for my 2012 to look like, right? (It even took me 4 days to finish this post, in between sleeps and work. lol =P). Hopefully, a lot of good and exciting things and more blessings are in store for me and my loved ones this year. Please, Lord, please? And thank You, Lord!! :)

However, before looking ahead, please do allow me to thank the wonderful people who have made my 2011 (and the years before that -- whichever is applicable) worthwhile...

First of all, my family. Honey and especially Gabriel who inpire me to be better and the source of my joy. My Nanay and Tatay...My Ate and her family, my nephews and nieces who have always loved me/us unconditionally and are always there to support me. And of course to Honey's side of the family as well, for your love and for always being there for us. Thank you po! I'm so blessed! :)

My friends (you know who you are). I'm not rich with material things, but God has been very good to me for giving me true, good friends. I have a LOT of friends (I'm friendly by nature =p *ehem*). But I also have a very few whom I can say will be my friends for life..tried and tested...through thick and thin...Also loving me unconditionally (the feeling is mutual). :) Kushina's advice to her son (Mom of Naruto in my favorite Manga), "Make friends. It doesn't matter how many...just make sure they're real friends...people you can trust...even a few is enough!"

For my FB and twitter friends, for not yet "un-friending" me kahit nag spam na ko sa status feed. =P Plugging my posts *un*shamelessly. For those who supported and liked my FB page. And for you who keeps on reading my posts. Thank YOU and I hope even in a small way, even just a little, have enriched and touched your life and inspire you to do better as you are inspiring me. :)

And ULTIMATE THANKS to the One Above...for everything! Need I say more? ;)

Sooooooo...what's for this year? 
* Travels - at least 2 travels to somewhere I've never been to or explored before. May it be in the Philippines or out of the country (i wish!). Why only two? Well, I have budget and time constraints. But if anyone's willing to pay for my travel expenses, it can be unlimited!! hahaha! I already have one destination this March. And hopefully 1 or 2 more before the year ends. YEAR, ok? NOT the "world." =P
* Job promotion?! hehehe! It won't hurt. :D 
* Help the less fortunate
* House and lot. Our home...Thank you *ulit* Lord...I know You will make a way. =)
* Send Gabriel to pre-school in June or November so we also need to prepare for that. :) Excited to see my baby in a school uniform! Hehe! Good luck to me! =P

As for the rest, they're gonna be my little secret, okies?...=P

Note to self:
* BE positive ALL the time
* PRAY always
* SMILE always
* Save! Save! Save! I need to saaaaaaaave!!!
* BE kind to others and spread the LOVE
* Stay away from negative and MEAN people =P
* GRATITUDE!! According to Rhonda Byrnes, from the Introduction in her The Secret Gratitude Book:
"Gratitude attracts like energy of gratitude to it, so as you are feeling grateful you are powerfully bringing like energies to you, which will have you experience more things to be grateful for."

So, let us BE grateful ALWAYS! :)

Attracting all good vibes, please... (",)

May God continue to shower HIS blessings to all of us this 2012! *kisses*

<3 <3 <3


Chyrel Gomez said...

Usa ra man gyud akoang wish for this year oi. Palit kog bike. Mahal pa man kaayo. T_T

Hi! I am LiLi! said...


Thinking Out Loud

R. Joy de Leon said...

@Chy - hehe! labay lang ko? Good luck to both of us! hihi! mwah!

@Ms. Lili - thanks po! :)

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