Friday, January 6, 2012

A Pleasant Surprise

Hey, you! Yes, you..=p Have you missed me? I missed you! :)

Sorry for being MIA for the past days. And it's new year huh? I guess it's a bad thing coz I'm not supposed to be lazy esp. at the start of year. Already breaking my New Year's res to write often about anything. But you see, it's my first week back on night shift. Yes. I'm officially a night owl for 3 months. And to keep me up and running and efficient at night, I have to get as much sleep as I can. I'd even skip on meals just to sleep, but my fear of getting thinner fuels me to get up and eat. I'm also being a bad mom for the past few days since I don't have much time to play with Gabriel. :( But I'm glad he doesn't have separation anxiety anymore -- he just hugs and kisses me (when asked) before his Papa and I leave for the office every night. :)

This post is sooooo last year but since I've been busy for the holidays with work (L-o-s-e-r) and preparations I wasn't able to post it in time. Well, I'm just a week late but it sounds soooo late when you say last year, right? =P

Last December 29, just after Christmas and before New year, I got  pleasant surprise -- my BF's in town!!! We had dinner at CYMA and I would have loved to stay and chat more but I have work early the next day. Panira talaga ng lakwatsa ang work! hehe! kidding!

Spinach and Artichoke fondue *sarap!!*
A blend of melting cheese, sun dried tomatoes and feta
Those triangles are warm pita and grilled garlic bread
Solve na ko dito pa lang! pramis! Love love!
(Sorry bawas na yung nasa picture..gutom na kasi kami eh. hehe!)

 Cyma Chopped Salad (house salad)
chopped lettuce, spinach, arugula, walnuts, sliced pears, sun-dried tomatoes
bleu cheese and parmesan, served with Traditional Greek vinagrette

 Cyma Lamb chops
Charbroiled served with your choice of Marouli Salata, Spanakorizo, rice-stuffed peppers or Greek roasted potatoes

Roasted Salmon with mashed potatoes (top)..their mashed potatoes looked a bit overcooked but it's still delicious ;)
I ordered the same with rice (bottom pic)..I'm a rice person! =P
You may choose between roasted and charcoal grilled for their fish fillets 

Cyma is really a good place to dine. Love their food presentation! Though they're a bit pricey. But if you don't have a big appetite, their food is for sharing -- they have big servings. :) Just a warning though, don't eat there if you have a serious heart ailment. Not because of the food, they serve  yummy AND healthy Greek cuisines, but you might get a heart attack when the servers shout "OPA!!" I'm not kidding! I jumped a little off my seat one time! =P

Btw, the "shy" me took over and so I wasn't able to take much pic of us, only of the food. Bugger! :( But since I am vain, here are a few of our pics (just 2!) with the rest of my BFs at Cyma in Boracay way back March of 2009. =P

 That's Jona on my left side ;)

Cyma in Boracay Station 2

So how's 2012 treating you so far? I hope your first week's been good. :)

Happy Friday, everyone! (",)

<3 <3 <3


Angeli G. said...

HUMAYGAD!! I love Cyma even if I haven't eaten there! :))
I was actually planning to but boyf's kind of apprehensive on what to order since we are not really familiar with Greek dishes! sooo anyway, I already have plans on what to order. I love the artichoke fondue. Looks good. I think I will order that. Oh, at least I have something to suggest to boyf na! Hihi! :))

Chyrel Gomez said...

I haven't tried dining in CYMA cause it looks too expensive on the outside and it's one of those resto's that I'd like to visit for special occasions. And yey for being with your BF again. :)

Hi! I'm LiLi! said...

love salmon and love it more with rice.

never been to boracay. i like the quiet feel of bohol. ('cause i'm from there.) hehehehe

Thinking Out Loud

R. Joy de Leon said...

@Angeli - glad was able to help you on your food choice..hehe!

@Chy - it is expensive..mas masarap kung libre! haha! Thanks! :)

@Ms Lili - I love Bohol, too! From which town of Bohol are you po? Bora and Bohol are both great destinations, but each has its own "appeal." :) Wish I can still go back to both ;)

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