Monday, January 30, 2012

The Age of Stupid...

Note: This post *especially the title* doesn't mean to offend in any way, but rather a call challenge for all of us to act.

Yesterday, Honey and I brought my nieces and Gabriel to the Dinosaurs Alive in SM Cebu. They will be there until February 1, 2012. But I am not writing this morning to promote it. I was actually disappointed with it and I don't think it's worth your money..well, not the Php450 pesos they charge for adults. That's another story though. On a positive note, it made me think (and talk) about climate change...

I was looking for a climate change quote to share with you this Monday and I came across the quote above -- "Climate is an angry beast...." We can already feel the effect of our predecessors actions and our actions. I certainly do and I hope it also makes YOU think as well. A lot of things have been happening around us - catastrophes such as tsunamis, flash floods, earthquakes, and more, that makes us ask, "What is happening to the world?!" But this is a result of how we treated, and are still treating, Mother Earth. We blame the government and other people-in-the-ranks, but are we really blameless? For example, irresponsible throwing of our trash - even a small candy wrapper or cigarette butts, using non-biodegradable products, etcetera. What have we done to help save the environment and prevent these things from happening? 

I always get annoyed with Honey whenever he wants to throw something out of the car window, I usually get it from him and just put it in my bag (or just hold on to it) to be thrown when we arrive at our destination and find a garbage bin. Even just simple acts help. But with what's happening, we probably need drastic acts to save the Earth. 

Let's help save them...

And by helping them, we are also saving ourselves...

Let's just hope it is NOT yet too late. 

“We wouldn't be the first life form to make itself extinct. But what would be unique about us is that we did it knowingly. What does that say about us?” 
~ The Age of Stupid

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Nici said...

Really true words!
True but also sad!

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