Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Stoked! Countdown to My Next Destination (",)

It's probably a little early for my countdown but now that the holidays are over and with days quickly flying by, I'm giving over to the travel bug in me! Excited much for our next destination in March -- the Philippines' "Last Frontier"! :D 

Me and my BFs went to Puerto Princesa, Palawan in 2006. And I tell you, it was love at first sight for me and I vowed to myself that I'm going back to Palawan. Moreover, El Nido has always been one of my dream destinations in the Philippines...and soon, it will be realized -- thank You, Lord! :) 

I used to think that El Nido is a very expensive destination (read: Miniloc and Lagen Island Resorts) but after browsing through the internet and feedback from some friends, made me realize there are also more affordable ways of touring the beautiful Islands of El Nido. 

*All photos are from the Metrodeal website where we got our package*

Although we got a package for this trip, I still can't help but check out some details for El Nido like how to get there, see if there's anything else we can add to our package and if we really got a good deal for our trip (I can be OC sometimes, you know). =P Although based on my calculations, we could have gotten a cheaper deal (only by a few hundreds...=P) if we're going to customize our trip. You may  also choose cheaper accommodations in the town (particularly those places not on the beachfront). Island hopping tours also have standard rates that are affordable. :) But then again, getting a package saved us the stress and effort from scouring the internet for cheaper deals. Although some of us (me included) find joy from that...adds up to the excitement, right? ;)

How to get there? There are 3 ways of getting to El Nido:
First. If you have the extra extra moolah and trying to save time, you may take a direct flight to El Nido Airport (Lio Airport) via SEAIR (Southeast Asian Airlines) or take a chartered flight via the Island Transvoyager Inc. ;)

Second. Another option and a cheaper one is to fly to Puerto Princesa and take the bus or van to El Nido. The bus will take around 8 hrs while the shuttle van has an estimated travel time of 5 to 6 hours. This is the one we're taking. :) You may also rent a private van from PP to El Nido and vv. 

Third. And the least recommended option is via sea which will take about 40 hrs from Manila to El Nido(via Coron/Busuanga). Yikes! Ang tagal noh? That's why I told you, it's the least recommended. 

Other helpful links:
El Nido tourism  - official website of El Nido Palawan
El Nido Boutique and Art Cafe - your one-stop-shop, you may check their site for more info :)

I'm sooo excited! See you soon, El Nido! (",)

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Chyrel Gomez said...

OMG!!! MAJOR LIFE ENVY KAAYO KO!!!! Mag friends ta sa FB, Joy! I wanna stalk your photos after the trip and prolly ask questions about Palawan! XD

Hi! I am LiLi! said...

oh my. i'm jealous.

Thinking Out Loud

R. Joy de Leon said...

@Chy! sureful! I'll look for you in Angeli's list of friends. ;) Pwera buyag! Pero ako nga ang inggit sayo sa Ilocos trip mo. Pa-stalk din. Hahaha!

@Ms. Lili! Come visit the Philippines. ;) I wanna go back to Bohol, too. ;) Haven't tried the zipline and snorkeling there.

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