Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gabriel's 2nd Birthday Celebration: Dinner at Lamesa Grill and more..

We decided not to have a party for Gabriel's 2nd birthday for practicality's sake. But still, I wanted to make it special. And whenever I think of something to do for Gabriel's birthday *the usual stuff like cake, or balloons or wrapping our birthday presents*, Honey sort of rolls his eyes and tells me that Gabriel doesn't understand it yet. Of course I use my "pa-cute" powers and remind him that it's for our baby and he gives in. End of story. =p

We bought Gabriel's gift 2 days before his birthday but since his Papa was excited, we ended up opening it up the day before November 26th. Hmpf!!! There goes our surprise. =p  A confession. I didn't want to buy this one at first because it's a little over my set budget and I wanted to buy other gifts for Gabriel but when we brought him to SM, Ayala and Rustan's, he doesn't want the "manual" bicycles and other less expensive toys -- I only heard "NO" from him..he wanted the RC cars which are bigger and therefore, more expensive and we don't have much space in our small apartment. So this is what we chose. :)

Gabriel opening his gift =)

Happy baby after seeing his gift..he wanted to hug Papa..haha! ^_^

Gabriel giving his "dog" a ride on his new car (",)

We also bought a cake so he can blow his candle but he was scared of the candle. No picture tuloy with the cake. :( Is it normal? He's scared when his RC-bike/car runs by itself and Honey's having a time of his life scaring Gabriel. Tsk tsk! He's also scared of the running airplane -- a gift from his cousins. Although, he's improved now, he already turns it on but jumps to the nearest chair while the plane is running on the floor. Hahaha! baby! And as of this writing, he can now use the RC car without the remote control (he knows how to step on the control using his feet -- no one taught him! 'yan ang baby ko! hehe!).


As  I mentioned on my previous post, we went to visit Sto. Nino and then had dinner with my sister's family at Lamesa Grill. They're the only and the best family we have here in Cebu, most are in Luzon. :) 

Shrimp Sinigang -- my niece's favorite :)
2 orders of pork sisig (only 1 order shown on the pic)
Sinigang na baboy

The reason I'm going back to Lamesa Grill -- tilapia! =)
Kare-kare -- yum yum!

I was busy eating I wasn't able to take pics of the pancit (a must for every birthday celebration for long life), boneless crispy pata and grilled squid... =p

Bored Gabriel..wawa..

After dinner, Ate treated us to Starbucks since I mentioned to her before that Gabriel likes Chocolate Cream Chip Frap. See my first post of our Starbucks moments here. :)

Before we went home, we also dropped by the "Christmas Village of Hope" in SM. Gabriel liked to look at the miniature trains and buildings..sabi nya, "Wow, nice!" LOL! Anyway, I think you can sponsor the small structures there for charity. Although, we weren't able to check how...

Although it was a simple celebration, I could say that Gabriel was happy on his birthday. And that's all that matters to me. :) I was happy to see the "smug" look on his face when he saw the RC car and whenever we sing "happy birthday" to him. :)

Thank God for simple joys in life... (",)

<3 <3 <3


Chyrel Gomez said...

WOW! I like the gift! Sana naging baby mo nalang ako, Joy! I miss spending time with my family na nuon. We're all busy with work and my sister is busy with school.

Angeli G. said...

Bongga ang Gabriel ha! ANG DAMING GIFTSSSS!!
Pa adopt naman ako oh! Hahahha! :))

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