Friday, November 11, 2011

My first time at Lamesa Grill and Mesa (",)

It was another weekend after my shift and we went to SM City Cebu to buy some things...And I was badly craving for "tilapia". We were supposed to eat at Golden Cowrie, another fave, but they didn't have it, so I thought we'll try Gerry's we went to SM Northwing. However, I suddenly thought of Lamesa Grill which has always been in my list of restaurants to try (just because I like Sen. Francis Pangilinan who is a part-owner of the said place and I heard good things about Lamesa). So, I told Honey that I wanna eat there, and so we did. :) Oh btw, sorry for the low quality pics from Lamesa Grill since Honey left my camera in the car (amf!) and we were so lazy to get it so I just used my phone's camera. =p

I liked the ambiance of the place...

My Vanity =p

 Gabriel and Papa were so comfy..nag indian sit pa! At home?! ;) 

Grilling tips on their paper placemats.. :)

 Gabriel busy playing with the utensils and plate..

 I had second thoughts if I will order sinigang or sisig because sisig is one of their specialties..but I love sinigang. I'm glad I got this because it's one of the more authentic "Tagalog" sinigang I've tasted here in Cebu..tamang-tama yung asim! :D Also, the serving looks small in the picture because the waiter already served us on our cups but it's good for 2-3 people.. :)

 What I really came to the place for..the fried tilapia! It wasn't crispy as I would like it to be, but I really loved it. :)

Their Pinakbet...this is priced a little over a hundred pesos (Php100+) but the serving is quite small. It's yummy but I still prefer the pinakbet of Gerry's Grill. :)

Another vain moment with Gabriel :p 

I would say Lamesa Grill is now one of my favorite Filipino restaurants here in Cebu...aside from the authentic Filipino dishes they offer, the prices are also very affordable. :) I haven't told you yet that the rice is unlimited and they have bottomless iced tea and lemonade! One of their specialties is the crispchon (short for crispy lechon). I wonder if it's as yummy as Cebu's lechon though. We'll see.. ;)

This also reminded me of another trip to the high-end Modern Filipino restaurant from the Lamesa group, MESA, in Ayala Terraces. This one is a bit more pricey than Lamesa but they also offer good authentic Filipino dishes, great ambiance, still reasonably priced, and loved their food presentation, too! 

the yummy baked scallops...

We especially loved their mango salad served in a wine glass. =p It was the "centerpiece" of almost all of our pics. haha!

Mesa also has al fresco dining..sort of a place you can stay just to chill on a gimik night and there's a live band playing when we left. Unfortunately we had to leave early. :( 

Anyway, two thumbs-up to Sen. Kiko and his business partner for the Lamesa group of restaurants! :) If you're fond of Filipino dishes like me, you should definitely and must try these two. ;) For Manilenyos, they have Lamesa Grill branches in MOA and Trinoma, and Mesa in Greenbelt 5. :)

Have a yummy and happy weekend, everyone! (",)


Angeli G. said...

I loooove Mesa!! :)
I've tried in Lamesa too. Pero mas bet ko ang Mesa, dear :))

Chyrel Gomez said...

Same with Angeli. Mas bet nako ang Mesa Grill. Haha! Love their bagoong rice. :)

R. Joy de Leon said...

Angeli, I think in terms of taste, it's a draw for me. For presentation, MESA won. However, in terms of price, Lamesa is more "wallet-friendly"..hehehe! Though, I still have yet to check out their other dishes. :)

R. Joy de Leon said...

Chy, parang Pacquiao-Marquez fight for me. No final decision yet. haha!

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