Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We're going home! ...and an attempt on giving some travel tips =p

Before landing..almost home :)

*My last installment for our Manila trip..I'm so delaaayed in posting =p*

Finally, it was time to go back to the real world...Our 5-day vacay was over and we're going home. Well, I missed my honey but going home means I will again miss my family esp. my Nanay, accompanying Ate going to work, my friends, Eastwood, Manila malls and vacation time... :(

We left Eastwood 3 hrs before our flight schedule to make sure we'll make it in time even if there's traffic. Going to NAIA terminal 3 takes about an hour but if there'a a heavy traffic it could get worse. There's also quite a long line at the entrance of NAIA. Good thing the traffic was light at that time and we had enough time to check in and laze around at the airport.

We were thirsty so we grabbed something to drink at Go Nuts Donuts and a few pasalubong from Cinnabon. :) We were about 1.5 hours earlier even after check in and although I hate waiting, it's a good thing that we are not in a rush. Less stress. :) Although tinarayan ko pala yung nasa check in counter ng Cebu Pac. Imagine, she wanted to separate weighing our 2 suitcases. Eh the other one is smaller. My bigger suitcase exceeded the allowable weight, and she wanted me to open it and transfer the excess to the other suitcase! Hassle! Kesyo, I booked our flights separately daw. Duh! I paid for all of it! Mas mahal pa nga yung sa Yaya ko kasi hindi ko yun sale nabili. Plus, I also booked a flight for honey and paid for another 15kilos of baggage allowance. Eh hindi naman nakasama. I hate bad customer service! I think I scared her because she didn't insist that I transfer my other things to the other bags. Hmp!! =p

Anyways, I told myself I shouldn't stressed myself out because of that (also since I got what I wanted) and we just spent time with our family and friends in Manila so I should be thankful. So I let it go. :) Nagpicture-picture na lang kami. :p

Face in hole..


Nom nom nom nom...

my little monkey.. =p

Gabriel is busy looking at the window. :)

Won this on our way to Manila..hehe! I didn't win on the way back to Cebu though

I'm not a travel expert but I would like to share a few tips with you when traveling with a baby or a toddler which I learned from experience:

1. First things first. Check your correct departure time and date. Sometimes, we tend to forget our travel details esp. if we booked our flights months ahead.

2. If you're traveling with a toddler, it's better if you have another adult companion esp. if you have 2 or more suitcases. While your checking in your luggage, someone can watch over your kid. This is why I would probably never travel with Gabriel alone until he's old enough to stay still and follow my instructions. Maybe when he's 5 or 6 yrs old.

3. Pack light. I've always been a heavy packer. I tend to pack my whole closet. :p But ever since I became a mom, I'm learning to pack lighter, albeit slowly. Just bring the necessaries. Yes, bring extra clothes (how many depends on the length of your travel) but instead of bringing lots of jeans, maybe bring 1 pair, then the rest are shorts, 1-piece dresses, and skirts. I guess 1 pair each of flip-flops and sandals/shoes. If possible, plan your itinerary so you'll know what to wear and not bring things that you won't be using anyway.

4. On the day of your flight, be EARLY. Give allowance for traffic and long lines at the airport to avoid stress and getting left behind by your plane. I arrived late one time because I got stuck in a traffic in Manila and my plane already left and I had to rebook my ticket and pay extra charges. :(

5. For your toddler/baby, bring 2-3 bottles of milk (or depending on his/her consumption for the duration of waiting at the boarding gate and flight), a water container, and something to munch on. This also to help pop your child's ears and relieve pressure esp. on take off and before landing. Most promo airlines such as Cebu Pacific, Zest Air and AirPhil Express don't offer snacks anymore. Although they are selling snacks in-flight and these are a bit more expensive than the usual price in supermarkets.

6. Bring your kid's favorite toy. Or something to keep him/her entertained during the flight. But please avoid toys that might disturb other passengers (such as those lights-and-sounds type of toys that are very loud). Let's respect other people's preference for a peaceful flight.

7. If you or your child have motion sickness, make sure you have small plastics handy in a case of emergency. On our last flight, a child vomited on another passenger. :-/ Airplanes also have barf bags or sick bags but you might need extras. So just be prepared.

8. And lastly, I'll borrow a quote from one of my fave books, "don't sweat the small stuff, and it's all small stuff." If something went awry or things don't go according to your plans, just relax and don't stress yourself too much. Don't let a small thing ruin your day. Well, I guess this is applicable not just during our travels but also in our daily lives. ;)

I hope I was able to impart something helpful with these tips. =p If you also have any travel tips, could you please share it with me, too? :)

Hope you're having a great week and re-charged from the long weekend! (",)

P.S. Btw, one more tip when going to Manila....If you don't have any "sundo" (someone to pick you up) and planning to commute or take a cab, just take the "yellow cab" at the arrival area of the NAIA terminal to avoid hassle and getting your blood pressure shoot up from taxi drivers who are taking advantage of passengers (i.e. not using the taxi meter and asking for a fixed price or asking for you to pay more than the taxi meter's reading..amf!). =P


Chyrel Gomez said...

Hahaha! I love tip number 1!!! We missed the plane and we ended up paying more for the tix since we paid for piso fair! Shucks!

And, we didn't realize our flight's one hour earlier. Akala pa namin early kami, di pala. Haha! Oh well.

Also, we no longer buy Krispy Kreme for pasalubong.

R. Joy de Leon said...

ouch! sayang naman yung ticket nyo, Chy. :( anyway, lesson learned *the expensive way.* :-/

Yeah, we already have Krispy kreme here in Cebu..yey! there's a long line everyday though. hihi! =)) Anyhow, thanks for droppin' by!

Wonder Woman said...

Thanks for the tips! And your lil boy is sooo cute! :)

R. Joy de Leon said...

Wonder Woman, glad to meet another mom in the blogosphere..and a fashionista at that! :) and what a cute lil girl you have! More power! I'll be a regular visitor moving forward. :)

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