Friday, September 23, 2011


AA's Bbq has been one of my favorite places to eat here in Cebu. It's a place to go if you want to eat fresh, good food with a reasonable price.

You can choose what you'd like to eat and have it cook anyway you want. :)

Fried "bangus" with garlic

Sinigang na Lapu-lapu
Sinigang is one of my most fave Filipino dishes. Yum yum! Though I've discovered that a lot of Cebuanos don't like the sour soup of sinigang, thus the "tuwa" or tinola from their term SuTUkil.

Fried shrimp with garlic

Pork Bbq

Pork belly Sugba (grilled - another specialty of Cebuanos, the "Su" in Sutukil)

Calamares (my niece calls this yellow squid =p)

Their special sauce (i don't know how they make it but it's really delicious). You can use this on almost every dish -- grilled or fried. I know someone who even drinks this. True!

Fruit-twister -- orange juice with fresh watermelon and orange slices
I also like their iced tea but I like this better :)

I've been to 3 of their branches but my favorite is the one along AS Fortuna. Aside from being nearer to our place, it has more space for parking compared to the one in Lahug and it is well-ventilated.

If you're visiting Cebu, AA's should be on your list of places to eat. ;)

Btw, do you know that it's only 93 days before Christmas and it's a Friday! Yey! TGIF!!
Happy weekend, everyone! (",)


Angeli G. said...

Miss Joy! Dami ng food ah! Hahhaa! AT least di ako nag-iisa with my Chika-an post! Hahaha!
Anyway, I also love AA's. We always order Baked Talaba. :)

Chyrel Gomez said...

Found you through Angeli's facebook wall. Followed you. :)

I live near AA, like I can just walk all the way there if I wanna eat some of their food. They've really come a long way. I saw the transition cause I practically grew up in Lahug. It's definitely one place to recommend to friends. Cebuano or from the other region. :)

R. Joy de Leon said...

Angeli, hehe! Hands up pa rin ako sayo pagdating sa pagkain..hihih! peace! labyu! Marami kami kumain nyan. =p

R. Joy de Leon said...

Hi Chyrel! thanks much for being here :) Lucky you! I can eat the food in AA's everyday. :D I also remember the first time I came here to Cebu in 1999, the Lahug branch was still smaller. Yes, they've come a long way. They deserve it. Hope they'll continue to serve good food at a good price. ;)

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