Friday, September 30, 2011

Hit Man Returns

Honey was looking for the Crossover Collection CD in a record bar...well, I was trying to help him find it but I couldn't help myself from browsing through the CD racks and guess what I found -- the new David Foster and Friends CD and DVD! *ear-to-ear smile* and convinced him to buy it for me. Wise move, huh? heh heh! =p

I got a new addition to my CD collection! Yey!!! Thank you, honey ko! (",)

We also have the first David Foster CD and DVD, You're the Inspiration. In terms of packaging, I like the Hit Man Returns better. I find it more classic and I prefer the color.

In terms of content though, the first one has got my vote. I might be biased because I like the artists on the first one (i.e. Josh Groban, Michael Buble, Andrea Bocelli, Babyface -- just to name a few). Although I also have some favorites on the second one like Lara Fabian, Martina McBride, Michael Bolton, and Natalie Cole. Although, the performance of Jackie Evancho made me teary eyed. *sniff sniff* The first has 30 numbers on it while the new one only has 24. The songs and artists were all great, though! Charice was on both DVDs, and she did wonderful. She makes a lot of Filipinos proud, though it will be better if she'd be more humble. =p

Anyways, enough said...I love them both! *wink*

How about you? Do you like David Foster and friends? :)

Btw, have you noticed how the days grow short? And it gets dark earlier? *another yey!*
Happy weekend, everyone!! (",)


Chyrel Gomez said...

great selection. :)

R. Joy de Leon said...

thanks, Chy :)

Ceska said...

This DVD captures the true genius of David Foster. Until you watch this concert footage, one would never imagine the vast scope of his accomplishments; from writing songs for Barbara Streisand, to Josh Groban and Peter Cetera and Kenny G, many of whom showed up (and performed) in this wonderful and memorable concert, the sound and video quality of which is absolutely PERFECT!! The only possible improvement would be to actually attend one of his "LIVE" shows in person. I strongly recommend this DVD to anyone who enjoys the music of yesterday and today because somewhere; somehow; David Foster has his talent entwined in them all.

R. Joy de Leon said...

Ceska, I couldn't agree with you more.. :) And thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)

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