Sunday, December 25, 2011

Winners of My First Blog "mini" Christmas Giveaway

Hello, dearies! 

How's your Christmas day so far? It's been a busy day for me...worked from 6am to 3pm, then went to my sister's house to spend Christmas with them esp. my lovely pamangkins (i.e. nephew and nieces). :) We actually just got home around 30 minutes ago and although I'm dying to sleep coz I still have work tomorrow, I just have to post this since I promised you all that I'll be posting the winners of my first mini Christmas gifts today. :)

Blah blah blah..sorry for being my usual talkative self..heheh! 

Anyway, just to refresh our memories, the Top 3 will win the following:

1. Starbucks "Cebu" mug
2. Php300-worth of Starbucks GCs
3. Php200-worth of Starbucks GCs

And the winners are...
...Drum rolls please...

Yes!! A total of 4 million entries..errrr...I mean 4 people joined my giveaway...most of them joined out of love (or was it pity) for me..hahaha! Just kidding! =p 

I want to thank everyone who liked my FB page, my twitter account @rjoydeleon, and followed my blog page publicly through Google connect and of course for sharing what you most love about Christmas! ;) I truly and deeply appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. (acceptance speech?!) haha! Although, no one really followed all the steps correctly..Hahaha! Maybe next time I should make it more simple huh? =p I only included the ones who expressed their intent of joining from the comments and actually shared what they love about Christmas on FB, okie? :)

So, I want to congratulate the top 3 gals for winning! And since only 4 beautiful ladies officially joined, I decided to give an extra Php200-worth of Starbucks GCs to Tracylyn (although I don't think she even needs it. haha!) *wink* Just my way of saying, "Thank You and Merry Christmas!"

To the 4 ladies, please leave a comment below on how I can give you my gift. ;)


Lots of love, hugs and kisses,

(",) Joy

<3 <3 <3


Angeli G. said...

Just tap me at the office! HAHAHAH

R. Joy de Leon said...

HAHAHAHA! Angeli, korek! Tipid to kasi I don't need to send the items via courier..LOL!

See yah! Thanks again for joining and Merry Christmas, dear! mwaah!

Tracylyn White said...

Thanks Ms. Joy ;) i will pm you my address in the Philippines. Merry Christmas :)

admin said...

waaaa.. to sad...i forgot na to do this kasi busyness at home..huhuhu... congratz to all the winners..

Bronwynroan said...

weeeeee.. same floor ba tayo Ms Joy? pwede Frontdesk akong address? hihihih

tenchu much!!!

iamdanny said...

wee!i won the mug??:D

R. Joy de Leon said...

@Tracylyn - You're welcome! :) Thanks, too! :)

@Admin - whoever you are..hehe! there's always next time. Thanks for visiting my blog though ;) Merry Christmas!

@Emskie - 4th floor? PM me your shift beh. :) Ok lang ba mag iwan ng GCs sa frontdesk?

Dan - haha! yes, you won the mug! Congrats!

and #Everyone, thanks for joining!! :)

Hi! I'm LiLi! said...

sus kung pwede lang ko ani. I would join! I love winning!

Congrats to the winners! Merry Christmas everyone!

Thinking Out Loud

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