Sunday, December 18, 2011

Short Stories and Small Miracles in My Week

I've been busy and lazy this week that I haven't written posted any since Monday...but today, even though I'm kinda tired, I felt like writing again.. :) 


Last Tuesday, Honey and I watched "Immortals"...and I wish I wasn't very excited about this movie and didn't have high expectations. It's just another 300 movie. Same color (or lack of it), same visual effects, almost same story with a different set of Characters. The battle between the gods and Titans was lackluster. On second thought, the movie 300 was better than this one. I should have watched "Arthur Christmas" with Honey instead. Baka mas natuwa pa ko. Hahaha! But I was still thankful we got to have a quick date ni Honey. :) And at least my curiosity about the movie was satisfied. ;)

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On Wednesday, Honey picked me up and on our way home we got stuck in traffic...I was tired and not myself. I thought I was having a bad hair day.. =p Vanity struck and I told him my hair is so ugly and longer than I'm used to, that I feel like a "bruha" (Imagine a stressed-out witch with uncombed curly hair all over her face -- that's how I felt that day). Honey said, "Ok naman ah...maganda naman." ("No, it's actually looks good.") *Me: ear-to-ear smile + kilig*


On December 15, I posted this on my Facebook status: "Start na ng Simbang Gabi bukas...Lord, please give me the grace to wake up early..." ("It's the start of Dawn Mass tomorrow...Lord...") 

Shortly after I posted that, it started to rain heavily with matching thunderstorms!! And according to the news, there's a tropical depression in the Philippines encompassing the Visayas and Mindanao area and we're expecting rains today. So I thought with a tinge of sadness, I probably won't be able to attend the first day of Misa de Gallo. And you know what happened? Before we slept, the heavy rains stopped...also, I usually wake up every hour lately because Gabriel is sick, but last night, I barely woke up when Honey kissed me before he left for work and finally woke up at 3AM! When I checked the time on my phone, I was really surprised. And there were no rains, not even a drizzle! I thought, God must really want me to visit Him and make it to the mass. I have no "excuse" since I was able to sleep properly. I even snoozed a few time but I really can't go back to sleep so I prepared and went to mass. =p I thought I really have to listen to His call and I'm glad I did. :) 


Friday evening, after work I went to the Mall alone to look for our exchange gifts for the GCC-OMD (it's our team) Christmas Party last night at 6PM. I had to pass by Globe hub to pay for my phone bill and then started looking around Ayala for a unisex gift worth Php250. Took me around an hour to find choose and pay for one. And when I went to the taxi lane with my aching back and legs, whoa! The line is sooooooo loooong and it was drizzling to boot. :,( I kept on praying for God to give us taxis so I could go home. Took about 30-45 mins waiting and finally it's my turn!! Just after I sat down and told the driver where I'm going, Manong turned on the radio..."Deck the halls with boughs of holly..falalalala-lalalala!" Instantly, I felt better. :) Thank You, Lord! :) 

On our way home as well, while stuck in moderate traffic, I heard this song... is in the air.. (",)

Did I just bore you..haha! I just wanted to share with you the little miracles in my  week..Hope you, too, had a week full of miracles! (",)

Oh btw, please do join my first mini Christmas giveaway here. ;)

Have a great Sunday, everyone! kisses!!!

<3 <3 <3

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