Sunday, December 11, 2011

The "Gaudete Sunday" and my First Christmas Giveaway! ^_^

As you know, Christmas season is my favorite time of the year (di pa ba obvious? haha!)...and today is the Gaudete Sunday or the Third Sunday of Advent. It's also my favorite Sunday of Advent because out of all the four candles (which stands for the 4 weeks/Sundays of preparation for the coming of our Lord) on the Advent wreath, this is the only Sunday when the candle is color pink! Haha! Ang babaw noh? Hehe! But aside from that, I like it because Gaudete Sunday anticipates the joy (ehem!) of the Christmas celebration. Advent is from the Latin word Adventus which mean "coming" while Gaudete is the Latin word for "rejoice." (Source: Wikipedia)

I've also been waiting for this day because I wanted to surprise all of you! Yes, you heard read it right! Because it's my favorite season and it's Christmas, I want to give you a small gift...well, at least 3 of my "thank you" for being with me for the past *almost-4* months. :) Di bale, pag yaman ko, mas marami at mas bongga ang gift ko sa inyo..hehe! You see, I don't have sponsors, so these came from my super rich, pocket huge savings. Hahaha! 

*drum rolls please*


Ayy..the toffee nut frap is not included..hehe! It's what I had this morning when I asked Honey to drop me at Starbucks on his way to his shooting tournament. :) 

I got the following gifts to give out...

I didn't take a picture of what's inside, but it's a Starbucks Cebu tumbler. :)

Starbucks GCs worth Php300.00

and Starbucks GCs worth Php200.00 (",)

I'll be giving these gifts away to 3 (three) of you, but you have to have an address here in the Philippines so I can send it. Or you can also send it to someone here, just let me know. :)

You want to receive any of these gifts from me? Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Like/share this post on Facebook and/or Twitter (thru the FB and twitter buttons below).
Step 2: Like my page on Facebook herefollow my blog publicly via google connect and me on twitter @rjoydeleon or just click the follow button on the sidebar.

And lastly, on my post Silent Night last month, I shared with you what I love most about for the last step, I hope you can also share with me and other people what's you favorite part/s of Christmas Season. :)

Step 3. Share on your Facebook wall what you like most about the Christmas Season and tag my page Living. Loving. Learning. Please make sure to set your post to "Public" so you can tag me properly. :) For example: I love the Christmas season because I love carolings, Simbang Gabi, and bibingka! @Living. Loving. Learning. 

*Edit* Your answer/post could be in English, Cebuano or Tagalog. ;)

Also, kindly leave me a comment below to let me know that you want to join and already completed the steps. I'll use to pick 3 winners and I'll announce who are the 3 lucky ones anytime...ON CHRISTMAS DAY!!! :) 

Sounds good, I hope..heheh! (",)

Here are some pics I took today at Starbucks when I got these gifts...When vanity strikes... =p

I like the Starbucks branch in Oakridge, along A.S.'s not as crowded as other Starbucks branches, like back in the days when Starbucks is just a "new-thing" here in the Philippines. And like other Starbucks, barristas here are very friendly. Ambiance and great customer service are always a PLUS! ;)

Disclaimer: In case you're wondering, Starbucks is NOT my sponsor for this post or for any post. I just happen to like it and thought that it would be nice to share it with you, my friends. (",)

Happy and blessed Sunday, everyone! (",)

Hugs and kisses! 

<3 <3 <3


Chyrel Gomez said...

I miss Starbucks Banawa. Moapil ko ani nga contest! Huwata lang! Haha!

R. Joy de Leon said...

Hahaha! BIG thank you, Chy! :-*

Hi! I'm LiLi! said...

Oy! I'll let my cousin and sis join your giveaway. Naa pay pila ka adlaw.

R. Joy de Leon said...

Hello, Lili! yes, they have until December 24 to join ;) Pwede sad ka, I can send it to anyone here in the Philippines when you win =)

Angeli G. said...

Angeli A. Garcia
followed everything na ;)
alam mo na number ko so nevermind nlng haha! ;)

iamdanny said...

I wanna join the Christmas Giveaway!♥

iamdanny said...

I have completed the steps and I wanna join the blog give away!:D

R. Joy de Leon said...

hahaha! @Angeli, thank youuuu! sent you a msg. *wink wink*

@Daaaaaann! - thanks a bunch for joining :)

Hope all of you win..haha! Wish I could give all of you gifts..=P

Tracylyn White said...

I showed my support to Ms. Joy de Leon because she is awesome :-)

R. Joy de Leon said...

Hahah! Tracylyn, thank you! You're very sweet! :) God bless! xoxo

Mary said...

Oh,I miss that coffee so much!!! we don't have SB in Ukraine(

R. Joy de Leon said...

Hi Mary! thanks for dropping by..i feel for you really..maybe you should franchise one. Haha! =)

I visited your blog but I could't find where I could say hello.. :)

Bronwynroan said...

free kape! pa join din Joy. hehehe Thanks in advance. hahaha

Bronwynroan said...

free kape! pa join din Joy.. hehehe Thanks in advance! hahaha

Merry Christmas!

R. Joy de Leon said...

Hehe! YOu're welcome, Ems! :) Hope you all win! hehe! =))

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