Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our 4th Anniversary and Dinner at Bigby's

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Woke up with cooked breakfast but with Honey missing since he left early for his shooting tournament. The yaya went home for her day off and I'm really lazy to cook. =p I don't know if he was being sweet or it was his "bribe" for me not to complain of him missing. Hahaha!

He also surprised me when he came home with a bunch of flowers. And he gave me my favorite flowers this time -- stargazers! *grin* He usually gives me roses but I told him, I also like stargazers. Lesson: be specific with what you want, and you just might get it. *wink* 

After hearing mass, we went to Ayala for a dinner date. I called UNO earlier that day to check if they have an available table, but Honey said he's still full so an all-you-can-eat dinner wouldn't be wise. :( I was actually disappointed but I didn't want to ruin the day so I just let it go. We ended up having dinner at Bigby's in Ayala. I thought it was a good choice. I used to like Bigby's and have eaten at their old location inside the mall (it's now the "Active Zone" in Ayala). They are now at the 3rd floor of Ayala Terraces near Bistro Ecila and Casa Verde.

 Gambas at Php265.00

 Gabriel drinking my Yellow Mango shake (Php65)

 Beef Quesadilla full at Php210.

Riblets with Original sauce (Sweet and smoky) at Php295 

I got irritated with Honey when he complained about the Gambas. Not just once but numerous times -- while eating it. When it arrived, he said, "Yan na yun? Php265 na yan?"  And said more things after until I told him to stop complaining coz he's actually eating it. *rolls eyes* Honestly though, I was turned off with our dinner. It wasn't what I expected from Bigby's. Their Quesadilla used to be my favorite but it didn't taste the same as before. If not for the dip and lettuce leaves on the side, there's nothing special about it. The Riblets tasted good but I was not happy with the servings. I couldn't help but compare it with Casa Verde and their humongous servings of the ribs.

Oh btw, our dishes arrived one at a time. After we finished the gambas, it took a little while for the quesadilla to be served, then when the quesadilla was almost finished, that's when the riblets arrived. Hayyy...Spell "b-i-t-i-n!" =P I also ordered for a salad but they told me after we were almost done with all the food that they ran out of salad. :( And they tried serving us with a pasta we didn't order. I remember asking honey if he likes to have pasta but he said he doesn't want to, so I didn't get one. And when I asked for the bill, both the salad and pasta were there. :( Although the good thing was, the crews were very friendly and helpful. I asked them to correct the bill and they did without any complaint.

Complimentary fudgie

They also served us with a complimentary fudgie. I was surprised coz I ordered a cake with the message "happy anniversary" but this one was for free. Better. But since I didn't know that they have a free one, we still took home the slice of cake I ordered. Oh well. I guess I won't be going back to Bigby's anymore. Unless I'm feeling extra kind and would want to give them a second chance. Sana nag-buffet na lang kami. =p

Have you tried Bigby's? I hope you had a better experience than we did.

And how's your week so far? My body made up for all my neglect the past week and I slept the whole day today. =p

Keep safe, everyone! Hope we'll have a better weather for the coming days.

Happy Tuesday, y'all! (",)

<3 <3 <3


Hi! I'm LiLi! said...

Happy Anniversary!

One very good thing of mums is masyadong matagal nalalanta. Minsan mag sprout na lang ang mga ugat sa loob ng vase.

I didn't know Gambas is served with garlic bread.

Thinking Out Loud

R. Joy de Leon said...

Hi Ms. Lili! Thanks for the greet! :)

Yeah, the stargazers, too..matagal sya malanta. :)

And first time ko rin to eat gambas with garlic bread. It was ok though. But I really had a bad experience at the place and a friend also had a bad feedback about it. I guess I wont be going back there anymore. Ever. :(

Jenine S. said...

Aw sweet! =)

R. Joy de Leon said...

Thanks, Jenine! :) and you have a great blog, btw! :)

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