Monday, October 24, 2011

Revisiting John and Yoko with my BFs

Konnichiwa! Hello there! It's nice to have you here. :)

No, this post is not about John Lennon and Yoko Ono...I hope you are not disappointed. This is about one of my favorite Japanese restaurants to date.

Me and my BFs loved the first time we were there that when Faye saw the deal in Cash Cash Pinoy, we decided to buy 3 vouchers worth 3k of food for half the price. Super great deal huh? :D

Faye got it thru Cashcash late August and they had to wait for me until my visit Manila last October 13-18. Sweet noh? Love na love talaga nila ako..hehe! And it turned out, Imee paid for all the food..Arigato gozaimasu, Imes! mwaah!

Here are some pics from our first visit...

I was not able to take pics of all the food and this post is already heavy with pics so I decided not to include more from our first visit.. :p

Here's the second time around..;)

Baby Gabriel browsing through the menu =p

Their chairs..

This is one of the reasons we came back to John and Yoko..the Yummy Chicken Teriyaki Mango Pizza (Php258)..super duper yummy!

And this one too, making a 2nd appearance on our table..
Sunset Prawn Salad
This is quite expensive at Php278..but really yummy..
Love the Japanese mayo! (ask faye ;))

Ebi Teppan..
I almost forgot to take a pic of this dish..poor prawns..almost gone..hehe! Though this is really expensive for its price of Php368..considering it was only 5pcs, I think.. :( I wouldn't recommend this one.

This is Tribeca Salmon..yummy but also quite expensive at Php338..

Japanese fried rice for sharing..Php228..this is OK for me.

Spider Roll (front) at Php258 and New York Fried Maki (back) at Php278..

Meet Faye, Ghie and Digi (L-R)

Jona, Imee and Meeeee!! :)

Kampai! :)

Tempura Banana Split at Php158..banana split with a Japanese twist =p

We tried to order other desserts before this but we were told that they're not available. So we asked what they have..turned out this is only what's available..they only have Chocolate and Strawberry flavors for the ice cream as well..OK..

I'll rate their service as 3, with 5 being the highest. The waiters are always not looking at you when they pass..and you have to call them twice or thrice, otherwise they will just pass you by. Though there was this waitress that helped take our group pics.

Overall, I'd say John and Yoko is a good place to eat. You should definitely and must try their prawn salad and Chicken Teriyaki and Mango pizza. :)

Lunch time! This post made me hungry again..Itadakimasu! =p

Have a great week, friends! (",)

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