Friday, October 28, 2011

Eastwood...I like :)

We stayed in Eastwood City for 5 days and 5 nights. This is the first time I've been in the Eastwood area in Libis. I was amazed by the place. It felt like I wasn't in Manila. Some of the buildings strike me as Gothic. What I liked most was that it is a clean and peaceful place. A place where a family can thrive and the people are very polite. And it is very convenient -- with malls, banks, places to eat (both high-end and fast-food chains), convenience stores, cinemas, etcetera. Something lacking though is a supermarket, but Robinson's is already building one across the Eastwood mall so I guess it won't be long and it will be completed. If I will ever move to Manila with my family, I would like to live in Eastwood. I wish we can afford it, if the time came. Heheh! I'm sure mahal bumili ng property dun! :( Oh well...sana manalo ako sa lotto! =p

Gabriel and I at the lobby of a condo in Eastwood..we just arrived from Cebu. :)

At a toy store..

During our stay there, if we weren't going somewhere to meet friends or family, we just walk around the plaza and the fountain at the Eastwood Mall. I let Gabriel go on horseback riding..not the real horse but just the manual horse that a toddler can step on to make it move. Gabriel loves it! We also have this in SM Cebu but here he had a big place to move around. :)

Gabriel, tired after pushing and riding different sizes of horses..

Here's a video of Gabriel on the manual horseback :)

Cute ng baby ko noh? Though please don't mind the background noise..I don't know who that was! hehe! =P

On Saturday evening, we heard the anticipated mass at the Holy Family Chapel. See? You can even walk to the church! :)

I was told that if it's your first time to visit a particular Church, you have 3 wishes ;)

I also loved the dancing fountain!!! Here's one of the videos that I took.. :)

and pictures...

Pets are also welcome in Eastwood. We saw a lot of cute dogs whenever we go out! Another fave of Gabriel but he wouldn't touch it. And although pets are allowed, you would never see any poop around the area. The owners are responsible and polite enough to pick them up! This was another thing that surprised me. Imagine, akala ko sa ibang bansa lang may ganun! =p Good to know we can also do it here. ;)

Also found one of my faves from way back in college..DQ!!! (Dairy Queen)..and I just discovered that they have expanded their products..*blush blush*

Rocky road..I love.. <3

Our last night in Eastwood...

There is this sculpture by Seb Chua and sponsored by PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society). It is a tribute to the native Philippine dog, the Aspin.

Silent Companion
By Seb Chua

In honor of the “Aspin”, the Filipino dog . . .
Companion, playmate, protector, friend
Without words, Beyond words . . .

Living in his own homeland, yet often homeless,
Seen everywhere, yet overlooked,
Voiceless and invisible.

The Aspin dreams of the day he will find a safe, loving home.
He looks up to a human, and hopes for humanity.
Will they see him and speak for him?

To all who give voice to the Aspin,
Who have called his name and welcomed him into their family,
Share in this quiet tribute.


The Philippine Animal Welfare Society

Merry-go-round...We were the only customer although before we left there was another one who came

They put up these for the Halloween celebration

Btw, I wish I could give you tips on how to commute going there but I don't now how to. We took the cab going there and also when we have to go somewhere else. If it's just around Eastwood, we walked. But I know you can walk to the main road (part pa ba yun ng C-5? Yung E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave?) near Citibank to access public transpo other than cabs. :)

I still miss Eastwood up to now...I hope I can go back soon and explore the place some more or just stay there for some time.

Anyway, that's all for now. I hope I didn't bore you with my ala-novela post. Haha! Please do come back here soon, ok? (",)


Angeli G. said...

Wow ang sosyal naman! Eastwood, huh? :))
I think if I have to stay there, I'd probably be in the mall 80% of my time! hahah :))

R. Joy de Leon said...

Hahahaha! I couldn't agree more, Angeli. :) Pero ang gastos! hehe! saka wala yung favorite brands ko sa Eastwood Mall..DP lang meron.

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