Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Not so happy with Happy Lemon

We passed by the 1st floor of Eastwood Mall a number of times during our stay in Libis and something in the digital ads (at the entrances..I don't know what you call them basta yung nagfla-flash..hehe!) caught my attention not only once. It says "Worlds yummiest drinks." And I thought, "Wow! Really?" And I wondered, and wondered, and wondered some more what it was. To cut the story short, after touring around and making time for "pasyal" or in Cebuano, "suroy" for Gabriel, I decided to satisfy my curiosity and get a taste of that yummiest drink they're boasting. So we (Myself, Gabriel and his Yaya, Ann) headed to the 4th floor of the mall to the Happy Lemon corner (near the Cinemas).

This is what greeted me:

A very long line...that made me think, "hmm..siguro nga masarap"..Dapat masarap for them to have this long line..diba?

So I spent some minutes falling in line and taking pics. Sorry for the low quality pics since I only used my phone's camera. My p&s cam ran out of battery. My bad because I forgot to check. Amf!

This is what I saw on the ads at the 1st floor...

I like the "Happy Everyday" theme...(",)

However, one thing I've noticed was that the servers weren't living up to their motto. They could use some smiles and be more friendly to the customers, but the one who got my orders that day was not smiling and though she answered me when I asked what she would recommend, it felt like she wasn't happy to answer my question and made me feel ashamed of asking...but hey, I'm a customer, right? One thing I look for in restaurants or anywhere are friendly crews/servers/CSRs that make you feel welcome. Unfortunately, I didn't get it here. Although maybe they were already tired because of the many customers and it was already around 10 PM. Still...

We were lucky to get seats since there were only a few tables and chairs and there were a lot of customers.

They have a cute winking icon :)

I ordered Cocoa with Rock salt and cheese (Large at Php100) for myself since I wanted something with the chocolate flavor and this is what the crew recommended. And for Ann, I ordered the Lemon Yogurt with Aloe (Large at Php90.)

Gabriel trying out Ann's Lemon Yogurt

I would say he liked it since he doesn't want to stop drinking...good thing I bought Large for Ann..I asked Ann and she said it was ok. It wasn't sweet (0% Sweetness), tasted like yogurt and it has "sinkers."

This is my Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese, 100% Sweetness...

Unlike baby Gabriel, I wasn't too happy with my drink. I thought, "Eto na yun? Eto na yung world's yummiest drink?" I found it too sweet. I didn't even finish it. Maybe they should have options for the sweetness level like other milk tea houses. I had high expectations and I was disappointed. Hey, you can't blame me, they said world's yummiest..I said to myself I'm never going back there. I felt cheated. :(

Only when I saw my friends the day after and shared this story with Ghie that I realized that the fro-yo (frozen yogurt) wars in Manila is over and it's now Milk Tea era. =p And she also said it's nothing special (her opinion). I prefer fro-yo if you ask me.

When I came back here in Cebu, I googled the place and so far, all the reviews regarding the drinks were good. The Rock salt and Cheese line up were actually their best-sellers. I also discovered that I shouldn't be using a straw and should have sipped it straight from the cup..I shouldn't have stirred it too.. :( Someone should have told me..again, I blame the servers. =p Too late..so I guess, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and give it another try next time.

We also passed by Serenetea, unfortunately, I didn't try it out...just to have a comparison. Anyway, I am planning to check other milk tea's out there and I'll keep you posted. Maybe I'm just not the milk tea-type of person. And maybe you will like their drinks and agree with them it's the world's yummiest. Just maybe. =p

If you do, please let me know what you think, ok? And I'll give them another try next time I go to Manila. :)

And remember to be Happy Everyday! (",)

*Note: We stayed in Eastwood so most of my posts about our trip are, and will be, about places in Eastwood. ;)


Angeli G. said...

Miss Joy! OOOh, don't be sad! :(
I agree din naman. I've heard a lot of people talking about Happy Lemon and even bloggers in Manila are raving about it. Maybe it's not your cup of tea. I am not even a Milk Tea fan but you know, it pays not to be ignorant but I don't really like falling in line sooo, i'd rather skip that part and go shopping instead and just bring mineral water with me! Hahaha! :))

R. Joy de Leon said...

Hihihi! Thanks, Angeli..I'm good. :) I just felt cheated the first time because of their claim as the "world's yummiest"..they should live up to that, right? :) I still prefer my Starbucks frap.. :p But I will give it another chance ;) maybe Happy Lemon will redeem itself. I hope! hehe! :))

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