Thursday, October 27, 2011

Miss Enthusiast: BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY...I wanna win!!

Angeli is a friend from the office (you probably heard saw her name on some of my blogposts here and here). She just celebrated her birthday last October 23rd and she's giving away these cool prizes!

and free gift items from Thriftgasm Shop

for a lucky fellow blogger like me..


the GC + Free gift items from Shop Metamorphosiis and one feathered earrings of your own choice:

 for her lucky FB follower

Check out her post at
 for more details on how to join ;)

Yey!! This is gonna be the first giveaway I will be joining as a blogger. =)

I want to win! I want to win! I want to wiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnn!! :)

Please let me win! *fingers and toes crossed =p* !

Happy birthday, Angeli! (",)


Angeli G. said...

Miss Joy! :))
Thanks for joining. I hope you'll win din :))
Mwaaahh! :-*

R. Joy de Leon said...

You're most welcome! :)

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