Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A New Beginning

I was wondering how to best start my new blog...

Earlier today, a friend from the office reminded me about, and showed me some, blogs. And that inspired me to go back to blogging. I used to post my musings, thoughts, reflections and feelings way back in Multiply and Friendster but my last post was more than 2 years ago.

I started blogging in October 2006 via at See Right Through Me... My last post there was in December of 2009, shortly after I gave birth. I had an almost 2-year hiatus, and now, I'm back to blogging and I'm definitely glad to be back! (",) *grin*

Writing has always been my solace if I'm sad and angry, or just a way of expressing my feelings and thoughts when I'm happy or inspired. I used to write letters but never sending them or giving them to the person, I did that to organize my thought and sort my feelings. I hope to post happy thoughts here, though! <3 <3 <3

Anyway, so here it new beginning. (",)


Angeli G. said...

ECHOOS! I bet that officemate of yours is no other than me noh? Hahhahah! :)
Keep it up Miss Joy! Make this your your diversion from work and all the stress that comes with it. :)
I find it really relaxing

R. Joy de Leon said...

hahaha! thanks, angeli!! oo ikaw nga yun! hehehe! I was thinking nga kung ilalagay ko yung name mo nung una..hehe! but I thought kasi baka ayaw mo.hehe! But really, thanks for inspiring me to go back to blogging. Yes, it's relaxing..and for me, it's also fulfilling/satisfying in some ways. :) *BIG hug*

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