Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sonya's Garden

Me and my BFs (stands for beautiful friends..hehe! they're my college/dorm friends) share a lot of things -- on top of the list are traveling and eating. :)

Thus, when I was planning to go to Manila to finally process my long overdue transcript and get a copy of my diploma from UP, Faye and I agreed that we should visit THE famous Sonya's garden in Tagaytay with the rest of the girls.

And so the day before my trip back to Cebu, we traveled hundreds of kilometers just to eat "damo" and "dahon". First time I ate "patani" and discovered that it is yummy, too (remember the song "Bahay Kubo?")

They serve plate after plate after plate of fresh greens and fruits from their garden to your heart's the warm sesame bread..everything's soooo yummy! I wish we ate more before we moved to the pasta..heheh!

This is my 1st salad plate..I did good on the presentation, right? :p

Their refreshing and so delicious, bottomless dalandan juice..but I did not dare drink a lot for fear that it'd get me full.. :p

Their pasta with a choice of red dried tomato sauce on olive oil or the very creamy (as inn very creamy) white sauce pasta, plus fried salmon. We liked the salmon, though we were not very happy with this course. We wanted to go back to eating the greens but once you moved on, you can't go back to the salad course *sad*... =p

The dessert was a very small slice chocolate cake (and this is not unlimited..we tried asking for more) and minatamis na kamoteng kahoy (caramelized camote) and turon (this one you can eat to your heart's content). I forgot to take pictures of the dessert though. And to wash everything down, we were served a taragon tea. It was relaxing. :) Because of this, I bought a pot of taragon plant when I saw one at BTC here in Cebu. Now I can make my own taragon tea. <3

Oh, and one more thing that I share with my friends is vanity.. =p we do love the camera... heheh! Here are more pics of us. ;)

Ghie, Faye, Jon and myself after we have eaten some salad :)

The couple, Mr. and Mrs. Rex and Imee :)

Ghie and me with the couple :)

And of course, this day won't be complete without a solo picture.. =p Would you have guessed that the room behind me is the restroom? :)

I'm definitely going back to Sonya's garden. And who knows, maybe I'll have my own garden in time. *big grin*

"All gardeners live in beautiful places because they make them so."
- Joseph Jonbert

For more details about Sonya's Garden, you may visit their official website at They also have a bakeshop (Panaderia) spa, and bed and breakfast.

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Angeli G. said...

Miss Joy! I hate greens but I do love the idea of mixing it by myself ala 2nd floor pantry style. Hahaah! The place is gorge!! :) Lucky you!
You know how much I love food ;p

R. Joy de Leon said...

really? u hate greens?? I thought u love salads since I saw u eating them..hehe! yeah, it's fun to mix them..but, the salad at Sonya's garden is really really yummy..sooo far from any salad i've tasted. Super fresh kasi. :) Nag iba na nga level ng standards ko when it comes to greens coz of this. :p

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