Thursday, March 8, 2012

A New Place for Gabriel

One time when we were walking around SM Cebu, we found a potential new place for Gabriel to play. You see, we only bring him to ride the horse all the time. His pedia also advised us not to bring him out too much since he might catch viruses and Honey agrees with her so I used to be the odd-(wo)man-out. But eventually, Honey thought Gabriel is not enjoying his childhood as much if we don't bring him to these places. And the Gab also needs exposure to other kids. So Honey and I agreed we'll start bringing him to playhouses. But we'd like it to be not too crowded. So when we saw this place at the basement of SM, we thought it's a nice place to start with. :)

Here are some pics I've taken using my phone yesterday. Sorry for the not-so-good-quality pics. I forgot my camera (again!). Tsk tsk! Blame it on the general anesthesia, okay? =p

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See the yellow car? It was love at first sight for Gabriel..he brought it with him wherever he went during his playtime. As in everywhere...

Naruto! My favorite Anime/Manga character and Gabriel knows him because his Ate (yaya) watches my collection series at home. 

McQueen! Of course, one of his favorite DVDs at home is "Cars". 

See? I told you he loved that car! He even brought it with him in the sea of balls..

MY (yes, mine) favorite corner...

The action figures' corner.. ^_^

If I were a kid, this would probably my favorite -- the mini-library...
I just wish they have more books and also a story-reading corner for kids. :)

When another kid got his favorite yellow car, Gabriel played with this battle ship...

He was looking at this canon like it was a telescope...I think because of one of his Barney dvds.. 

Got his favorite car back when he got the chance..hahaha!

Dolls for little girls..

And doll houses..

They also have costumes...

It was a heart-breaking moment when we had to leave the place. Gabriel cried, not because he didn't wanna go home, but because he did not want to leave the yellow car! Napabili tuloy ako ng car nang di oras sa department store. Tsk! 

Kevin's Toys & Library is located at the lower ground floor of SM City Cebu. Near SM Department store and across Booksale.

How about you? Where do you bring your toddlers/kids? Any suggestions on where else to bring Gabriel? :)

Happy Thursday, everyone! It's almost weekend! Yey! (",)

<3 <3 <3

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