Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hello there, March! :)

Dearest Lord,

I would like to welcome the month of March on its first day! :) I'm looking forward for all YOU have in store for me this month. I know this is a good month for me (I hope one of the best months, as any other months of this year are for me and my family). Why? Oh You know, it's my birth month! ^_^

I will do my best to attract more positive things and usher only good things for this month, and hopefully for the rest of the year. :) After all, I know this year is gonna be another milestone for me and my family.

And before I forget, Thank You for Your gifts, Lord! For all that You are giving me and still, all the best things you have in store for me, my family and my loved ones. :) You have always been good to me, even if I am undeserving. Thank You so much! Please continue to guide and protect us. Please give us Your grace and wisdom (in all times that we need it for and I know You know we need it a lot). And always keep us close to You. I lift everything up to You, Lord.

Full of love and gratitude,

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