Friday, March 16, 2012

Gabriel's 200+ words as of 27 months

My office mate (and a very hands-on mom) shared this article from Yahoo with me and I got worried because Gabriel doesn't speak in sentence yet. He loves to talk but most of it were gibberish. Some says it's because he's a boy. Anyway, I got pressured to list all of his words, which, I should have done earlier while he was growing up. One of those days I say I'm such a bad mom. :( Anyway, I was happy when I was done with the list because Gabriel has more than 200 words! For his age, he's supposed to have at least 150 words so I guess he's not behind. ;) I also checked the 25 words and Gabriel knows all of them. Hurraaaaayy! :D 

Here's the link to the Yahoo! Article: The 25 words every child should know by aged two…

At first I listed Gabriel's word on a paper but I thought of transferring them to an excel sheet for easier tracking. :) Here's a screenshot:

For now, I am also transferring these words to a table form to categorize the words he already knows but the "lazy me" kicked in again...I've been feeling unwell lately (it's not an excuse though). Hopefully, I'll get over the "sick" feeling soon.

Anyways, I will be constantly updating the first tracker and hopefully, before Gabriel turns 3 years old, he'll be a "good talker". :) 

How about you, any tips to share? I've been a mom for more than 2 years but I'm still in the learning any tips would be greatly appreciated. ;) I'll also try to share more with you, whenever I'll come across something good, pinky promise. :)

Happy Friday, everyone! xoxo! (",) 

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