Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy birthday, BF...and Happy 15th Anniversary!! (",)

I guess it was love at first sight…or should I say first “talk”? 

It was our first day of college. I was this “probinsyana” and it was my first time to be alone and away from my family in Bulacan. Though my Ate (my elder and only sister), at that time, was working in Ortigas Center, while I stayed in a dorm. Our first subject for the day was Soc Sci I. I entered the classroom and saw that at the back row there were already a handful of students, chatting and laughing out loud like they have known each other for a long time. Being the freshie I was, shy and scared *cough :-p*, I took a seat in the front. I’ve been near-sighted since high school and it’s a little far from the group. I sat there quietly while waiting for our professor. A little later she came in, our eyes met and she sat beside me. After introductions, we started talking and I would say we hit it right away. The rest is history. :)

She? Yes, you read it right. SHE. No, I’m not a lesbian nor a "bi". :-p You probably guessed it by now especially if you’ve been reading  my previous posts. :) (My) BF stands for Best Friend(s), could also be Beautiful Friend(s). :-p

We’ve been friends since then. When we were in college, our block mates would usually tease us that we are lesbians and they would look for the other if one is missing. Hahaha! We used to just sit beside each other and have a good time even if we’re not talking. :) We also had our shares of misunderstandings but our friendship remains – mostly my fault since I am the “makulit”, the one who does things without thinking and the hardheaded one. :-p I’m a little older (3 months) than her but she’s like my big sister, both in height and maturity…*eherm* We were block mates and we’re both staying in “Kalayaan” with our other BF, Ghie, who is like our eldest sister slash mom, again, both in height and maturity (well for me). Hehe!

It’s been 15 years since our 1st year in college so I felt inspired in writing this plus it’s her birthday today! Sooooooo…..

Happy happy birthday, Jon!!! 
May God bless you with all your heart’s desires. :) Thanks for taking the seat next to me that day. :) :) Mwaaaah! *hugs and kisses!*

First year college studio pic ^_^

Happy 15th years of friendship to you and Ghie!!!
Cheers!!! I don't hope that we will be friends forever...coz I know we will all be ^_^ 
I’m lucky to have found great friends/sisters in you and the rest of the girls. :) I love you all!

<3 <3 <3

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