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"Life is made up of special moments which make life worth living. There are many cherished moments that are missed due to the stress and fast pace of daily living. We must slow down and remember how precious it is to be alive and to love." <3

                                                                                                                      ~ Lessons Learned in Life

Dear Baby Gian,

You're 5 months old! Hooray!! :)

Whew! You're really growing up very fast! Not a long time ago, you're were just a tiny, cute, "payatot" little one, but now you all round and a bundle of super duper chubby cuteness! :) And as much as I would want you to be always the cute little baby that you are now, I know that time really flies and in no time you and Kuya Gabriel will already be big handsome boys. :)

Forgive me for making your babyhood a little public. You see, memories and dates are important to me, so I want to record your (and Kuya Gab's) milestones as much as I can before I forget them. :) I wish my Nanay, your Lola Rene, did so I can look back and say, "Oh, so this is what I did at 4 months old. I was so cute!!" ha ha ha! Please forgive Mama's vanity. ;) And I'm also hoping that maybe sharing these things will also help give other moms an idea what to expect and when to expect their babies to do the same. 

Anyway, although I really want to get back to the corporate world, I want to enjoy each day with you my handsome little boys as much as I can and be there beside you while you're progressing. :)

When you were just a month old, you don't know how happy I am even just to see your little smile while you sleep...When you turned 2 months, it became a bigger smile until you smile that big-open-mouth smile of yours. Just before your 3rd month, it became more often when you're awake and you also started "talking" to us already! Your coos and "aahhhss", "mmmmamamama" and "dede" made me so happy! At four months and until now, your laughter and giggles are music to my ears. :) You also started sleeping through the night at 4 months old. I am overjoyed because of you, my darling baby! :)

baby Gian @ 4 months 

Gian @ one day short of 5 months :)

On the 1st of March, a few days before you turned 5 months, I finally caught you roll onto your tummy! I have been waiting for it, really! I usually see you already rolled over but haven't seen you do it while I am watching. I was thinking you're probably too heavy and you want to take your time...but then you surprised me and showed me that you can do it! And for the past days, you've been doing it real often and fast! You really want to impress Mama, noh? :) Oh I caught you on my phone's camera. See...

Oh, before that you have been trying to raise yourself for quite some time already...it makes me afraid you might fall off your mini crib. But thank the heavens that my fear doesn't happen and of course, we're being more careful not to let that happen. :)

This is how you start rolling over :)

But earlier on your 4th month, you've been trying to raise your self and sit down already..not to mention that you've been wanting to stand up and walk already! Please, don't rush, baby.. :)

You have been grabbing things and trying to hold them since your second month, but your grasp is stronger since your 4th month and lately you've been holding on to things much tighter and longer. I left you with Papa yesterday *on your 5th month* to find a "racket." While I wasn't home, I was worried that you won't drink milk on the feeding bottle (you prefer breastfeeding), but you surprised me , when I saw pics of you holding onto it! :) Good job, baby! ;)

Btw, since you were 4 months old you have been looking at food and glasses longingly and making sounds like you really want to eat already...you're soooo cute but I'm afraid I can't let you eat yet. Don't worry baby, in a month's time you will be eating your first solid. ;)

And for all of these, thank you, baby, for making Mama happier! :) Happy happy 5th month!


And most of all -- Lord, thank You for all Your blessings! (",)

<3 <3 <3


Gee said...

super cute my nephew ;))

R. Joy de Leon said...

Thanks pretty and sexy, Tita Gee! :)

Zane Saria said...

Wow, cute po ng baby mo!
Followed you po, hope you can follow back.
Fellow Filipina here.


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