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What's in my bag: Packing for the D-day

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I have been planning to write a blog post on what a mom-to-be should pack before the D-day since after I gave birth as a reminder to myself and of course to share it with moms-to-be out there who might visit/stumble upon my humble virtual home. :) And now I found the will to actually DO it and not just plan. :p

And you read it right, "a reminder to myself". Just because I tend to be forgetful at times. Well, if it's at least your second visit here, you probably know that I already have 2 kids..the youngest is just 3 months old. I should know a lot about motherhood, pregnancy and giving birth, blah blah blah..Yeah, right?! Well, I don't want to disappoint you, but I am telling you that every day and each experience is still a lesson for me and I still have TONS to learn. :) Whoever said or will say that motherhood is easy is -- lying (amalayer??? amalayer???), an alien (duh!), or not yet a mom. :p Right? :))

Wait, I am forgetting the main topic. As I was saying, I forgot what to bring to the hospital for my second delivery. So when I thought my water is leaking (click to see my birth story), I texted my sister (Ate, who also just gave birth) to ask what items to bring -- for me and my baby) and started cram-packing (as in cramming to pack! :p). I'm not planning to have another baby, even if we don't have a girl yet. I guess I got a little traumatized by my second delivery (imagine 12 hours in the recovery room trying to raise your leg!). I am already happy with my two wonderful boys. Unless God has other plans for us. 

Sooooo...What to bring?
  • For the baby:
    • 3 pairs of short sleeved shirts (kimono for babies) and shorts
    • 3 pairs of long sleeved kimonos and pajamas 
    • socks or booties
    • 3 receiving blankets
    • newborn diapers
    • bonnets 
    • mittens
    • feeding bottles, BUT for some hospitals, like Chong Hua here in Cebu, they won't let you use bottles since they strictly advise breastfeeding

  • For mom and dad:
    • towels
    • toiletries
    • change of clothes and sleepwear
    • going home clothes
    • house slippers/shoes

  • For Mom only:
    • adult diapers
    • breast pads
    • a robe (to put on when you receive visitors or going to the nursery)
    • socks for you if you tend to get cold

  • Miscellaneous
    • for some, a birth plan
    • hospital documents - admission orders from OB, etc.
    • camera/video camera
    • camera charger and extra battery if you have
    • eyeglasses/contacts lenses + solutions
    • Philhealth forms and contributions
    • IDs, ATM cards, credit cards
    • pillow and blanket for the "bantay"/dad
    • cellphones and chargers
    • books or laptop to keep you and/or dad busy
    • ballpen/s
    • drinking water
    • snacks

What a long list! And since I gave birth early, I would suggest for you to pack as early as 7 months or at around 30 weeks to avoid cramming. ;)

Hope this helps! Feel free to share your tips and list if I miss anything. :) 

<3 <3 <3

P.S. I also have a newborn checklist in word version from my sister. Please feel free to comment or PM/email me if you want me to email it to you. :)

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Hi! I am LiLi! said...

I packed early too when I had my last child.

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