Saturday, November 10, 2012

Gian's D-day!

Hello there! I'm really sorry for being like a "palitaw" (lulubog-lilitaw) lately. I've really been busy exclusively breastfeeding and caring for Gian and Gabriel or out job-hunting. For those who don't know what palitaw is, it's a Filipino delicacy made from "malagkit" or sticky rice that sinks (while it's being cooked) and floats (when it's done).

Anyway, I've been wanting to share with you, especially for soon-to-be-moms, Gian's delivery story. Being a second-time mom, I thought I would be more prepared this time. And discovered that I was so wrong. I did say in my previous post that Gian is out early. He is only 35 weeks and 3 days when he came out.

Good thing, we already bought his things the Sunday before that (I gave birth on a Thursday). Although, we haven't bought his crib/playpen yet and some other stuff. We were planning to buy the following weekend. I also wanted to get some "belly shots" in a studio like what we had when I was pregnant with Gabriel but there was no more time....

On October 3, I woke up a few minutes before midnight and felt that my undies were wet. So I thought my water bag already broke. I sent text messages to my sister asking what to bring to the hospital (she also just gave birth) and my OB  to ask what to do. I started preparing my bag just in case.... I wasn't having any regular contractions the way I was supposed to so I concluded it was okay. I also read in a pregnancy book that it's okay if it's just water, that it might still take a few days or weeks before the baby comes out. No mucous plug and no "bloody show". However, on the morning of October 4, I woke up with a response from my OB that I have to get admitted due to risk of infection. I texted Honey and he went home from work around 7AM. I took a bath and we left for the hospital. 

On our way, we picked up diapers for Gian and some toiletries for me and Honey and some breakfast. (See how unprepared we were??) Btw, I wonder why it is soooooo difficult to find Newborn diapers here in Cebu!!! Calling supermarkets and pharmacies!! Also dropped by the Church to get the priest's blessing for a safe delivery and a healthy Gian. Thank YOU, Lord! :)

My heart broke when Gabriel cried when we were leaving coz he wants to  go with us. He was already placing his clothes inside his bag. :'( It's one of the things I wasn't prepared for since we were supposed to leave him (with his yaya) first at my sister's house before we go to the hospital but since it wasn't on schedule, Gabriel's things are not yet prepared.

We arrived at the hospital around 10 AM. A resident performed an internal exam on me and concluded that my water bag is still intact but I am already in 4cm. It was inactive labor. And so I was admitted to the hospital and scheduled for repeat CS at 3PM. During the waiting period -- in between procedures and interviews that I had with nurses, residents, and other hospital personnels, I was praying that Gian would come out healthy. The operation should only be around 1 hour but lasted longer because the anesthesia took long to take effect that I had to be given a second dose. But thank the Lord, Gian Raphael came out healthy and "term" at 4:52 PM!!! :) My memories of Gabriel when he came out was a bit hazy but I remember kissing Gian and still chatting with the anesthesiologist after the operation. I was moved to the recovery room before 6 PM. And guess what, I was only moved to my room after almost 11 hours!!! All the other patients already left but I remained there. :-S This delivery was actually kind of traumatic for me because of having had to stay in the recovery room that long. The anesthesia won't wear out especially on my right leg for 10 hours! :( I asked the nurse if it's possible that I might not be able to move my leg again. Waaaah! I was sooooooo relieved when I was finally able to lift my right leg without any help!

Me and Baby Gian were discharged from the hospital on Sunday afternoon. Thank God! :) 

 baby Gian Raphael at 2 days old 

First time to get some sunshine at 5 days old..He was very thin

Gian at 2 weeks old :)

A rounder (and darker..hehe!) Gian at 1 month and 3 days old.. :)

There! Sorry for my super looooong post. :) And thanks for reading! :) I'm hoping to sneak in another post soon! :)

Happy Saturday! (",)

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Chyrel Gomez said...

Awwww. The family you have. I want to have one like that, too. Someday.

Hi! I am LiLi! said...

Congratulations again. You've got a beautiful baby.

R. Joy de Leon said...

Thanks very much, Chy and Ms. Lili! :)

Chy - I am very sure you will, dear :)

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