Tuesday, December 11, 2012

happy two months, baby!

After bath :)

*sleepy baby*

Happy happy 2 months, baby Gian! I am just sooooo happy to see those fats on you. It suits you well, my darling. ;) I thought you're like Mama who doesn't get fat, but look at you now! And you gained 2.45 kilograms in just 7 weeks and 3 days! You'll soon outgrow the first set of clothes that we bought. Good job, baby! Keep it up, okay? :)

I just hope you'll learn to like feeding on a bottle more. Because soon, Mama will go back to work and you still have to eat. You gotta keep those fats. So promise Mama you'll be good and feed well, okay? Stay healthy!

I love you!

Hugs and kisses,

<3 <3 <3

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