Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gabriel's first time to watch on the Big Screen ^_^

I couldn't pass the chance to blog about this one since it's a milestone for Gabriel. :) Though I'm weeks late in posting this since this happened last July 15th. Sneaking this post while Gabriel's fast asleep and Honey left for work (and I get no sleep). *no distractions :p*

It wasn't planned...I wanted to watch The Amazing Spiderman and Honey chose it at a time when the Yaya was on day-off. We were only supposed to buy some groceries. I've always wanted to bring him to watch an animated film something suited for his age but, well, Honey isn't into that type of movies and so this is it! :) 

Honestly, I was hesitant to bring him since I know about kids' short attention span that might distract me and other viewers. And I was oh-so-right. He was behaving on the first hour just eating popcorn but a few minutes after the the popcorn was gone, he started talking and eventually started to leave his seat. Tsk! Good thing he wasn't the only kid/baby inside which spared me from bigger embarrassment. :-p Well, I won't be bringing him to any movies other than animated anytime soon -- out of respect for other movie-goers and just because I want to enjoy my movies, too. :-p

Gabriel busy with his popcorn :)
*Cameras' not allowed inside the movie house..using my phone's cam = bad picture*

The movie was good but not something to make me gush over like I did over the other  recent "superhero" movie, The Avengers *I did on fb :p*. Or maybe I'm biased since I love, I repeat -- I love, Iron Man. :-p I haven't read the comics but this one did its purpose of giving the viewers an idea of how Spidey came to be, with a twist. The story is different from the first adaptation with Tobey Maguire as Spiderman. Well, it should be, otherwise, who's gonna watch it, right? :p Peter Parker's parents were brought to the story. And Peter Parker is "cooler" than the previous nerdy one, though he's still a nerd, but a very smart, cool, nerd. :p He listens to alternative rock songs, skateboards and he's cute. ;) I also liked the visual effects compared to previous Spiderman movies.

Gabriel's kind of fun before the movie...

We watched at the newly opened SM City Consolacion...

My first time to watch a movie in a movie theater was when I was in grade school. But kids these days are very lucky. :)

*HELP! I tried to post using pics from flicker since my picasa account is almost full and I don't want to have to pay for additional storage. But for some reason, the pictures won't appear even if I set it on public. :( Can you suggest any other sites, please? :) Or a way to upload more pics in picasa without paying for the storage? Thanks much!

And thanks for reading my post. :)

Til next time! Keep safe!

One happy kid = one happy Mama (",)

<3 <3 <3


Chyrel Gomez said...

Hey, Joey!

I don't remember my first movie house with my parents but I think naa nakoy buot ato. Ihas kaayo ko and thank you, Mama and Papa, for letting me experience stuff that adults do. Haha!

The new Spiderman movie's apt for the highschool. Noh? Hehe. Yep, I love Iron Man too! Magkaribal diay ta ani! XD

R. Joy de Leon said...

Hey Chy..yup! for HS ang level ng new spidey. Ako rin I can't remember the title of my first movie. Pero alam ko Chinese yung mga bida kasi I remember may batang kalbo but it's an action movie. :))

Haha! may karibal pala ko kay Iron Man :D love his wits! ok lang, I can share *wink*

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