Friday, February 24, 2012

Dinosaurs Alive

On my post here, I told you that we brought Gabriel and my nieces to Dinosaurs Alive in SM. As I have mentioned on that post, I wasn't really happy with the exhibit and thought that they charged to much for adults (or prolly not too much coz I wouldn't mind if they'd charge higher if only it was really worth it). They didn't even make that much effort to conceal the other side of the place and it was bare. I was expecting a forest-sort-of exhibit that covers the entire place (as in walking thru the forest yung feeling but I was disappointed). No scary sounds that Dinos make and not much Dinos around...I "saw", but I didn't really "hear" and "feel". =P 

Anyway, it's almost been a month and finally, I will be posting some of the pics that Honey took. Sorry for the bad pics quality, I thought I have a good P&S camera but I guess it's not as good on low light. :( This is also a very late post since I'm still trying to overcome my "K" sickness lately ("K" as in Katamaran -- yes, I've been bitten by the LAZY bug!).

And since this is kind of another post heavy with pics, please click on Read More>> for the rest of the pictures. ;) Thank YOU!

After the exhibit, the kids were hungry so we got some snacks. First stop -- Potato Corner. While waiting for the potato fries we ordered, they got hooked with this Buzz Wire.

Ate Sam: This is how you do it, Gabriel...

Gabriel: Sige nga, let me try ;)

Second stop -- Pizza Hut..eating the fries while waiting for our order. Sam was very busy playing on her Tito's phone.

Though I won't say the exhibit was great, I was still happy that afternoon since it was our first time to bring my nieces on our own (without the parents. ;)) It was really hard to suddenly have 3 kids but it was definitely fun to have a big family! The riot-exciting-fun-type of experience. I didn't know whom to give my full attention to and scared to lose any of the 3 kids in the crowd. Yikes!
Looking forward to more bonding time with these kiddoes. ;) Too bad, Kuya Zach was absent since he wanted to attend the birthday party of a classmate. And his Mama was with him. :) Papa was the sundo for all of us. :)
Thanks to my nieces -- I hope you had fun. :) And to my sis and bro-in-law for the chance. ;) And for the ride as well. Til next time! (",)

Hey! It's Friday again! And almost the end of February! My birth month is coming soooooo soon! ^_^

Happy weekend, everyone! (",)
*hugs to all*

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gee said...

awwww im sorry to hear you got disappointed :P always naman kase pinas they dont make any effort to make shows or exhibits a big WOW... when we visited the Snow Village dn sa Ocean Park last december I was so disappointed...:P

there was a show of dino's live here in SG last year ate it was amazing... tho' the tickets were real expensive but it was worth it :P hopefully someday pinas would do the same noh?

R. Joy de Leon said...

Hi Gee! As inn..they don't make an effort here. Or effort lang, pero hindi full effort =P that you mentioned it, siguro yun lang ang kaya ng budget nila kasi if I imagine the price you paid for in SG, feeling ko super mura nung entrance nila here. LOL! Sayang lang, it could be more expensive sana, but they have to make sure na nice ang quality. :) Really? di rin nice yung Snow Village? When we went there kasi wala pa yung snow vill. Gusto ko pa naman sana punta. Hehe! ay dalhin si Gab pala. :p Sana nga someday.. :)

mitchinheels said...

Hello joy! i just found your blog and i must say i like it! i'm following u now,hope u can check out my blog and return the favor.hehe!


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